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We provide environmentally friendly services such as a liquid biological amendment (aka compost tea), compost top dressing, root injections, and more to support the health of your soil. From your family's backyard or veggie patch, to your community's green space or garden plots, Healthy Soil Services is here for you. We believe in NATURAL SOLUTIONS that start from the ground up, yes you got it, FROM THE SOIL. By using biologically active products we are able to inoculate the soil with diverse, beneficial microbiology which helps facilitate nutrient cycling, builds soil structure and helps reduce pest, weed and disease pressures. The products we apply are 100% organic, locally crafted and carefully vetted, safe for pets, pollinators and people.

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Hi, our names are Chelsey and Lindsay, we are the founders of Healthy Soil Services. We are passionate about providing our clients with natural, chemical free options to support the health and vitality of the soil in their back yards and gardens. With focus on improving soil health, gardeners can expect to grow delicious, nutrient dense food and thriving plants. We are eager to educate why conventional yard 'care' methods such as herbicides, pesticides and inorganic fertilizers are ineffective for long term results and can be detrimental to the health of our ecosystems and planet. By using high quality, organic products supplied by our partner's at Living Soil Solutions, we can get away from these 'band aid' fixes and work on long term solutions geared towards optimal soil and plant health.

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Why choose natural land care services compared to the conventional in-organic, chemical heavy ones? First off, understanding how plants grow in an undisturbed, wild environment is important. Plants naturally excrete exudates (primarily simple sugars, some proteins and carbohydrates) from their roots to attract and feed beneficial microbial life. In return these microbes (bacteria, fungi, nematodes, protozoa, micro arthropods, etc..) facilitate nutrient absorption for the plants. The microbes are the key to unlocking the ever present nutrients in the soil! The larger and more diverse population of these 'good guys' the less room for pests and disease.

So when it comes to your back yard and garden, we want to create an environment where beneficial biology can thrive. And guess what spraying pesticides and herbicides does? Kills the good guys. When the soil is void of beneficial microbes plants are unable to receive the nutrients needed to stay healthy, making them more susceptible to pests and disease. 

We need to step away from these toxic chemical methods and start looking at ways to mimic systems Mother Nature has tried and tested for the health of our soils, and planet. By taking on a natural approach to land management there is a plethora of benefits, such as healthier plants, more nutrient dense crops, safer spaces for humans and animals, natural water storage in the soil and carbon sequestration, just to name a few.

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